Today we had a very sad event, 7Snails was FPC on scratch but non of the projects popped up :( The only conclusion the staff at was able to come up was that scratch hates and does not trust 7Snails and LIED to him as a cruel joke! The staff here at can not believe that the Scratch Team would ever do something that mean! All we hope is that this horrendous joke is fixed soon and 7Snails can get back to being a FPC!

A front page curator is a Scratcher who, for a shift of one week, places five projects of their choice on the Front Page via their recent favorites. They can choose whatever projects they like in that week and change them, as long as the projects are not their own, do not belong to a member of the Scratch Team, and follow the Community Guidelines. The Scratch Team recommends that curators change their choice of projects on the front page at least twice a week, although curators have the option to change the projects as often as they wish.

Edit: The scratch team has fixed this horrendous issue, which I believe is only because this website exposing them went live!